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cubano breakfast bagel

Oh my gawd. I posted about a sandwich! On a blog that people seem to mistakenly believe is about sandwiches (hmmmm, I wonder why that is……?). Whatever. This bagel sandwich is freaking amazing. First you start with the best bagels…

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easy-chickpeasy: chickpea & tuna salad with fresh croutons & a creamy lemon dressing

This is what happens when you crave sandwiches and the only bread you have are those days-and-days-old bready end bits hanging in the bread bag. So you call yourself innovative and make a salad with big buttery, garlicky homemade croutons…

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knife skills: winter rutabaga slaw

When autumn rolls around, I eat a lot of apples. I will slice up an apple into quarters and start snacking. Granny Smith and Pink Ladies are the 2 varieties I’m loving right now. They’re tart and crisp and full…

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more for me: wild rice summer crunch salad

Chewy, crunchy, creamy and fresh. This salad is bang on. It’s what I like to eat on hot summer evenings. The bottle of pinot gris wasn’t chilled enough to accompany this dinner salad, but I can only imagine it would…

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a surprising salad: tangy parmesan celery salad

We rang in 2013 quietly. We spent the late afternoon in a hardware store wondering why dimmer switches were so dang expensive. We bought one anyway along with a new dining room light. Then we headed off to the Burnaby…

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farm bounty: shaved summer vegetable salad

I have a squash drawer in my fridge and it tends to fill up rather quickly this time of year. Thanks to our CSA, we get weekly deliveries of cucumber, patty pan squash, yellow and green summer squash, and zucchini…

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