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for a foggy morning: vegan banana and date muffins

Last week was full-on summer. Hot, sweaty temperatures outside so that meant we turned on our fans, went on a lot of evening bike rides and hung out on the balcony to drink beers. Not too shabby, mid-September! But this…

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lentil love: creamy broccoli & red lentil dal

Oh you know, I was sitting back the other day talkin’ about lentils with a couple of friends (true story). They were discussing the merits of ¬†french green lentils and black lentils but I think they were disrespecting the red…

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for maman: date & raisin squares

When I was little, my mom had her standard dessert recipes. She made a really fantastic chocolate chip cake (always in a pretty bunt pan) for birthdays and every summer to make use of the pear bounty from our 2…

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finger foods for a crowd: goat cheese stuffed dates & green bean/asparagus bundles

Last week, my mother-in-law asked if I wouldn’t mind making some appetizers as she was having a garden party to launch her latest book. Although I responded enthusiastically, I was a bit worried since I don’t really have much experience…

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a nice evening for a date: chewy date-nut squares

During the summer I had an unabashed addiction to Larabars. Raw, natural and delicious, I was partial to the Cherry Pie, Chocolate Mint and the Chocolate Coconut bars but didn’t want to spend all my hard-earned cash on those pricey…

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