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burnt nectarine tart (but not on purpose)

It took me a long time to get the hang of making pie dough. Then l I discovered the beauty of a galette: no shrinkage, no worries about rolling a perfect circle and no pie weights needed when baking. A…

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go big or go home: lemon meringue pie

This is a birthday pie I made for my husband last month. He’s born January 2nd and if there is a time when desserts are the last thing on my mind, January 2nd would be the day. But this pie…

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move over pie: raspberry, black currant & nectarine galette

Baking a pie is a pretty wonderous thing. Somehow there’s much more meaning and memories that end up baked into a pie than, let’s say, a cupcake. Not that I’m dissing everyone’s favorite cupcake. It’s just that pies seem to…

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dream pie: coconut-banana cream pie

Life sure has been busy for the past few weeks. Along with lots of holiday fun, there was lots of work to be done as well. Presentations, proposals, lots of designing and a bit of coding here and there…and one…

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