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blackberry & peach shortbread bars

Blackberry and peaches have a short life span. They appear in local markets and entangled in bushes wanting to be seen, heard and tasted and then just before you’ve had your fill, they seem to vanish. I have a tendency…

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cinnamon crumble quick bread

I haven’t really been in a baking mood which is odd since it’s fall and baking should come pretty naturally. Cinnamon, pumpkin, apples…those are all perfect flavours that work well on those wet and cool days. However, even with all…

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pumpkin apple crumb cake

I had mentioned that this Thanksgiving I took it easy in the kitchen. There was no time to fuss about with turkeys, sides or complicated dishes. I took the simple route and made only two things: the sweet potato, corn…

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the best strawberry rhubarb crumble ever

This is the best strawberry rhubarb crumble ever, no foolin’. Sure I can be a bit generous in my praise at times, but trust me on this one. Go make this dessert now. Skip ahead to the recipe. I’ll wait.…

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muffin top: blackberry muffins with crumble topping

Now before I can tempt you to make a muffin or twelve, check out my new post over at the Food Network Canada blog, Bazaar. It’s about lunches, and sandwiches and working in an office for a week. Fun stuff!…

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the not-so-humble crumble: three fruit crumble

One of the easiest desserts ever is the humble crumble. Or crisp. Whatever you call it, it barely calls for a recipe and it’s delicious. When a crumble presents itself on the table, Cornelius is ready to bow down in…

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