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sweet & sour marmalade chicken

While I’ve always been the beneficiary of homemade marmalade, a jar from the lovely Tea, and most recently, a jar from my good friend Kyla, I’ve never purchased any for myself. So when I recently came home with a jar of…

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chicken thighs in riesling

I’m often in amazement of the simple meals I manage to put together. Really, did I just make something taste freakin’ amazing out of the humble crap I found in my fridge? When I found myself with some defrosted chicken…

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totally not cincinnati chili

Why is this post called “totally not Cincinnati chili”? Well, for one, I’ve never been to Cincinnati nor have I had the real deal. The people of Cincinnati are very passionate about their chili and I certainly wouldn’t want to…

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have stale bread? make bread soup!

I love simple meals and this is one of the simplest. A few days before the holidays struck, I realized that I had a half loaf of some very delicious olive & rosemary sourdough in the fridge. Unfortunately, I had…

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don’t adjust your monitor: purple shepherd’s pie

Forget about the fudge, the cake, the cookies. We are well into January now and it seems like a wholesome tasty dinner recipe is needed. If it’s comforting, colourful and nutritious, well, then it kind of is like icing on…

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