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Be a better human: miso-braised cod with soba salad

I love miso for it’s patience. It’s one of those ingredients that can sit in the back of the fridge and just wait until you remember it’s there. It is quiet and strong all at once and I always feel…

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a hail-storm of a dinner: braised cod with chickpeas & corn

After writing about breakfast items like poached eggs and biscuits, I figured a hearty dinner recipe was more than required. I had a good one all lined up too because last week I had a little dinner party and made…

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eat fish and be merry: baked fish with potatoes & rosemary + lime & honey wax beans

Last night I wasn’t in the mood to cook. It’s been a busy week catching up on all the work that had piled up since I went back to Ontario and I had inadvertently skipped lunch which left me at…

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happy bloggerversary to me: mexican fish & bean salad

Little did I know that my one-year food blog anniversary had slipped me by. No public ceremonies, no cake. My very first post was written on February 20, 2005 and even though I had good intentions to write often about…

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