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for papa: pfeffernusse cookies

When I was little, there was one cookie that signified the start of the holidays: the pfeffernusse. Translated, they mean peppernuts which is because they have ground pepper in them (spicy!) and they look like walnut shells (I’m guessing). My…

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i like good smells: fragrant jasmine rice & jerk-spiced tofu

I love stuff that smells good. This soap is one of my favorites and after washing up, it’s hard not to stop sniffing my hands. And a little while ago, I bought this candle and while I haven’t even lit…

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healthy & wise: ginger-studded molasses bread

By Sunday evening, I felt my mojo returning. I was feeling healthy again, but I didn’t want to bust up the joint by letting all hell break loose, so I started off with some wholesome baking. And I mean wholesome.…

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