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big ol’ mess of happiness: potato, asparagus & chickpea bowl with mint sauce

I’m not sure how long I can coast on the “ack, we just moved!” excuse. There are boxes of books lining our hallway ready to give away or sell. Our art prints are stacked up against the floor in the…

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i like good smells: fragrant jasmine rice & jerk-spiced tofu

I love stuff that smells good. This soap is one of my favorites and after washing up, it’s hard not to stop sniffing my hands. And a little while ago, I bought this candle and while I haven’t even lit…

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hotcha! spicy thai noodle soup

After quite a battle, I’m waving the white flag. I’m sick. I’ve lost my voice and have turned into quite the sad sack. On Thursday night, I realized that we were out of broth. Nothing frozen, no cubes, no cartons,…

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expiration date: red beans and rice

arlier this week, I made for dinner some good ol’ rice and beans. Please excuse the photo as I was only able to snap one blurry shot before my camera battery died. But don’t judge this recipe by one shoddy picture because this meal is so easy to put together and it’s full of flavour and spice.

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