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farm fresh dinner: new potatoes, braised greens and a beet salad

This weekend we got out into the country. On Saturday there was a hike to Lindeman Lake (don’t listen to your guidebook, it’s definitely not “easy”) and afterward, there was time to check out a few local farm markets. I…

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keep it simple stupid: quick n’ easy rainbow chard & chickpeas over rice

Funny, I made a very similar meal last July. You’d think bringing out the heavy duty Le Cruset casserole pot would mean one thing: winter. But look at me? I defy the weather. It’s hot, it’s mid-July, and I’m cooking…

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curry in a hurry: curried red lentil stew with chickpeas and rainbow chard

I made this dish last week when I was doing a lot of running around. I was out of the house most nights and did not spend a lot of time cooking, opting for days of adventure and fun instead…

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beat the clock: italian minestrone with beans, pasta and chard

I’ve been doing a lot of cooking lately, but I’ve pretty much sucked at the documentation part of things. I could tell you about the amazing chicken tortilla soup I made yesterday for lunch or the wonderful spicy pork loin…

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rainbow chard & lady peas

Last week it was all “heat wave” and “sunshine” and now it’s back to grey skies and threats of rain. Whatever, I’m going with the flow. I’ve got my head in the clouds anyway. Cornelius and I are planning a…

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