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winter warmth: hot spiced tea

It’s finally starting to feel like winter here which is rather lovely. All we need is snow and I’ll be running about throwing snowballs with glee. Snow is pretty rare here and the fact that forecasters are predicting the white…

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live long and prosper: chai-spiced oat bran

This new year has started off with a bang. I’ve got a lot on my plate….at least work-wise while the rest of my plate, or rather my cupboards are suffering from some good ol’ Mother Hubbard-ism. I just haven’t had…

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a nice hot cup of tea: chai

I love chai tea. The first time I tried it about 10 years ago, I declared it was like having cake in a cup! Oh my, it was sweet and rich and full of spice, instantly comforting and wonderfully cozy.…

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now, that’s an order: chai pumpkin bread

Ever since returning from my trip last week, it’s been slow going in the blog-reading department. However, I made sure I got all caught up on my blogroll this morning. So many impressive recipes caught my eye, including Honey Roasted…

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