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it takes two: one pot mujadara with mashed coconut yams

Nearly six years ago (whoa, has it been that long?) I made koshary, a dish that involved lentils, rice and pretty much every single pot I had at my disposal. The meal was tasty, but it was a lot of…

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crispy, bitter, gooey: broccoli rabe panini with mozzarella

I love broccoli rabe (which also goes by the name “rapini”) a whole heck of a lot. It’s a bitter green so if you’re scared off by bitterness, this might not be the vegetable for you. But if you embrace…

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tomato, zucchini & caramelized onion tian

I grew up thinking that I hated zucchini. My husband felt the same way and I think we bonded over this. Us against zucchini was one of our rallying cry! And then three years ago, we joined a CSA. And…

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get kinda excited about a big pot of tasty carbs (aka koshary)

Yeah, this is a weird recipe. It’s got a ton of steps, it uses up every freakin’ burner on your stove and then it has the gall to use up another, plus it’s not even that pretty too look at.…

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the mac daddy: apple, onion and cheddar pizza

Sundays are often a night we head out with friends to a local brew pub and eat cheap thin crust pizzas, drink delicious pints and play cards. One of the pizzas I like at this pub is called the “Johnny…

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