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a case for the lowly tuna melt

Okay, now why would I post about the lowly tuna melt? Everyone probably has their own twist and probably has been making theirs the same way since forever. Me, I only started eating tuna after 10 years of being a…

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easy does it: tuna pasta salad with broad beans & corn

When it comes to making a weekday lunch, I don’t want a big production. I’m working, I’m hungry and I’m more likely to eat crackers and a Granny Smith apple than to actually make something from scratch. But today I…

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simply delicious: cannellini bean and tuna salad

I’m running around tying up loose ends before we leave for our trip tommorrow morning. So many little things that I don’t want to forget about that I’ve got lists upon lists of things to remember. That’s why today I…

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