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morning spice: gingerbread granola

Way back in February, I was about to make some gingerbread granola. I probably stumbled across a recipe online and figured, of course, gingerbread granola is a thing! But I was out of molasses and made do with something else.…

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old fashioned ginger apple pandowdy

Apple pandowdy not something I grew up eating, but it’s similar to a crisp or a crumble or a grunt: rich biscuit topping and a spicy fruit filling. But the twist with a pandowdy is that molasses and lemon juice are mixed in with the apples so the flavour is deep and dark.

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ginger cranberry oatmeal muffins

I really was in the mood for ginger and decided that adding dried ginger wouldn’t be enough – so I threw in some diced candied ginger as well, along with some dried cranberries because sometimes I just want to shove a bunch of things in my baked goods.

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ginger whole wheat scones

As for scones, I’m pretty smitten. The very first scones I made were from Orangette and I’ve since adapted and tweaked her recipe into something that I use quite often. The first time I made scones, I was nervous.

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