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light & fluffy pancakes with maple apples

This past weekend, Cornelius wanted to go out for pancakes. I wavered. There’s a diner in our neighbourhood that used to have the very best pancakes and good service, but the last couple times the service really was terrible and…

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csa farm fresh salad

We haven’t been doing much grocery shopping lately. It’s too hot and we’re not lucky enough to live in a neighbourhood with one of those fancy air-con supermarkets. While there is appeal to standing in front of a popsicle fridge…

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cherry buttermilk sherbet

I have been seeing homemade ice creams, sorbets, granitas and sherbets popping up on food blogs all summer long and it’s been driving me bonkers! I really, really wanted to make some ice cream but I also didn’t want to…

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chopped vegetable salad with zesty ranch dressing

Just as I had hoped, summer is back. Two days of grey skies and rain is okay by me and it’s more than good for all the gardens and farms out there too. But I’m so happy to have back…

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a great side: cheesy cornbread

I’m not a huge fan of cornbread. It can be dry or too moist or even greasy. But sometimes cornbread can be perfect, especially when served with a really spicy vegetarian chili or a colourful black bean salad. For me,…

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i have reached biscuit nirvana: feather-light drop biscuits

I’m back from my bike travels and it was a good trip. No disasters, no road rash, just calm country island roads. There wasn’t as much bike-riding as in our past rides, but it was leisurely and it was nice…

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