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this ain’t yer mama’s turnip: braised turnips, onions & carrots

It’s hard to make turnips sexy. They’re beige, rooty things without a whole lot of star power. When they’re on the table they’re relegated to the sidelines and rarely make the main event. Hardly anyone comes away from a meal…

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braised greens with almonds and an egg on top

Our CSA is off to a slow start this year. I knew what to expect since last year things were the same – relatively small bins until the harvest really kicks into high gear. When I made this Vancouver was…

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chicken thighs in riesling

I’m often in amazement of the simple meals I manage to put together. Really, did I just make something taste freakin’ amazing out of the humble crap I found in my fridge? When I found myself with some defrosted chicken…

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milk braised chicken with lemon, cinnamon & sage (+ Seattle tips)

I’ve never been afraid to roast a chicken. Roasting is easy. Choose a nice organic, free run bird and season it well and the odds are good that you will have something fantastic on the dinner table. Maybe I’ve been…

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born in the 70′s: braised green cabbage / brown rice with mushrooms

I curse the Vancouver winters for the short amount of daylight. Many days, we don’t even get to see the sun…just grey, grey, grey. The lack of natural light (along with our apartment’s low-energy bulbs) makes my photos brown and…

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killing me softly: wine-braised short ribs

It’s been pouring rain outside all day long. While I would have rather been inside working (although I did manage to do some of that too), I also ran about doing things like renewing my driver’s license (I don’t drive,…

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