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more for me: wild rice summer crunch salad

Chewy, crunchy, creamy and fresh. This salad is bang on. It’s what I like to eat on hot summer evenings. The bottle of pinot gris wasn’t chilled enough to accompany this dinner salad, but I can only imagine it would…

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sunday morning rituals: lemon blueberry scones

Sunday mornings are lazy mornings in this house. We get up late, stay in our pyjamas, make coffee and start breakfast. Sometimes it’s pancakes, or waffles or eggs, and once in a while, I make scones. Usually, we eat at…

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with ease: baked oatmeal with blueberries,coconut & dried apricots

The spring weather that is visiting Vancouver sure is intoxicating. Cherry, magnolia and forsythia are just a few of the flowering trees that are in full bloom right now making a canopy of gorgeous blooms that seem to trail you…

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the breakfast bundt: buckwheat bundt cake with blueberries

For the past week or so, waking up in the morning seems to take a bit less effort than usual. I first noticed it last week, the morning after I danced for an hour and a half in a basement…

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blueberry sorbet with riesling & rosemary

A couple of years ago, I had great luck making a cherry buttermilk sherbet. The only ice cream maker I had at the time was a large and clunky (but beautiful) turquoise vintage hand-crank one. I didn’t pull it out…

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gâteau au yogourt à la bluets

It’s going to be a much more productive week on the homefront, I can feel it. I’ve got a cake in the oven made with things I had already in the pantry and fridge. All morning, I had planned to…

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