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a winning trifecta: tortilla pie

This past week was busy. Not only did I have my own design work and meetings to attend to, but I had to play corporate graphic designer at my old job, filling in for a old collegue on vacation. There…

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hot damn: black bean pumpkin soup

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’re probably aware that I am a huge soup lover and my dear husband is not. But I’ve recently discovered a way for my picky husband to finish a bowl (or sometimes…

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salad days: southwest bean & pasta salad

One of the qualities that my husband admires in me is my resourcefulness. He thinks I have the ability to turn what seems like nothing into something wonderful. I hate being wasteful and I’m thrifty by nature, so being resourceful…

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recovery: black bean soup with ham

Dealing with a small electrial fire, electrians, and finding a new place to live really caught me off guard and into the waiting arms of a big bad sickness. I hate being sick and having this flu was the absolute…

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photographic evidence: mexican black bean & tortilla salad

I’m always a little bummed out when I don’t have a photo post for every yummy recipe I make. And because there is no photo in sight for this post, please do not make the mistake that the recipe below…

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happy bloggerversary to me: mexican fish & bean salad

Little did I know that my one-year food blog anniversary had slipped me by. No public ceremonies, no cake. My very first post was written on February 20, 2005 and even though I had good intentions to write often about…

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