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a dinnertime comfort: smoked tofu & vegetable pot pie

January is a weird month for me. It starts off well – I’m inspired, positivity is seeping from my pores, I’m attacking new projects, I’m getting shit done. Then I stumble, I wipe myself off and am back at it,…

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old fashioned ginger apple pandowdy

Apple pandowdy not something I grew up eating, but it’s similar to a crisp or a crumble or a grunt: rich biscuit topping and a spicy fruit filling. But the twist with a pandowdy is that molasses and lemon juice are mixed in with the apples so the flavour is deep and dark.

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make this now: tomato & corn biscuit pie

Three weeks vacation is a long vacation and we loved every moment of it. Well, maybe not getting bit by mosquitoes. If I’m thankful for anything about living in expensive Vancouver, I’m very thankful that there are no mosquitoes. Being…

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c’mon spring, let’s get on with it! chicken pot pie with cheddar-biscuit topping

April has been turning out to be a pretty crazy month. Not only are taxes due at the end of the month, but the weather which should be by all accounts spring-like and warm, is too damn chilly for my…

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diner style: all-purpose biscuits

So you’ve been successful at making poached eggs, right? Well, hell, why not try your hand at some buttery biscuits to slide right underneath that egg? First, I should preface this entire entry by stating right off the bat that…

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