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i like you very much: a re-cap of the best of 2014

I left 2014 feeling pretty down on the year in general. For me, it was a year filled with stress, worry and anxiety. I’m sad to say that it clouded my judgement. I directed all my focus onto those things…

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looking back on 2012: my favorite recipes of the past year

January 2nd is my husband’s birthday and I hate to say it but I’m not on top of things this year. There is no cake at the ready, but that will come soon enough. He’s picked one out, I just…

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she’s on it: my favorite recipes of 2011

I love recaps and I hope you do as well. Like the last few years, I’ll start the new year by looking back over some of the truly tasty recipes that came out of my kitchen in 2011. Maybe later…

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my favorite recipes of 2010

I’ve done recaps of my year’s most favorite recipes in 2007, 2008 and 2009 – finally the 2010 edition has arrived. I love the act of reviewing and going through a years worth of posts – it not only helps…

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