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it’s a critical beetdown: my hedge house salad

The last few times I’ve been to Portland, OR I always make sure to visit the Hedge House and eat their house salad. It’s amazing and I just can’t seem to shut up about it. I tried in the past…

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friday supper: salmon patties with dandelion greens

When we were growing up, Fridays meant fish to my Catholic parents. And usually, that meant croquettes which my mom used to eat growing up in Quebec. It involved a can of salmon, mashed potatoes and some salt and pepper…

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35 days in europe and all i got is a bowl full of lentils: apple, red onion and lentil salad

It’s pretty difficult to recap such a tremendous vacation…a very incredible, exciting and best-vacation-ever kind of vacation (35 days worth of photos have been uploaded onto flickr, in case you are interested) into some kind of meaningful post. I’m afraid…

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fresh from the market: portabella mushrooms in a balsamic glaze

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, last Saturday I visited out one of Vancouver’s local farmer’s markets and prepared a pretty delicious meal with my market fixin’s. What I didn’t mention was that I’ve started writing for the…

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birthday break: balsamic chicken

Before I create any new picnic recipes, I’ll just mention this fantastic dinner we ate last weekend. I had some chicken thighs in the fridge and a full bottle of really nice balsamic vinegar. It was a perfect match. Accolades were coming at me from every direction (well, at least to my right, since there were only 2…

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holiday beach picnics: roasted tomato pasta salad

This weekend was all about relaxation, fun times, good food and great friends. Holiday weekends, you are perfect! Cornelius and I missed out on the largest Critical Mass bike ride because we had free tickets to see the Vancouver Whitecaps…

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