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rainy day soup: red lentil mexican soup

For a good solid week or two, Vancouver was trapped in the arms of summer. Smiles were given out to random strangers, windows and doors were left wide open, and the world just seemed that much better. But over the…

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taco salad, for the summer of my imagination

As soon as we came back home from our NYC holiday, we picked up our first CSA share. As always, the first few CSA shares start small and then ramp up as the growing season really begins to take off.…

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black bean tostadas with sprouted beans & peanuts

Before I get on with the recipe, let me first talk a little bit about Seattle. I’ve always been a bit non-pulsed about the Emerald City, but this time I’ve changed my mind. It’s not just a city with horrible…

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recovery: black bean soup with ham

Dealing with a small electrial fire, electrians, and finding a new place to live really caught me off guard and into the waiting arms of a big bad sickness. I hate being sick and having this flu was the absolute…

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home sweet home: PABST sandwich

Our Easter weekend trip was amazing. We returned to Vancouver with a bag full of books, some thrift scores, a new bike and enough good times to last until next year, at least. Not only did we explore nature and…

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