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summer mornings: peach cobbler muffins

The heatwave that we’ve been suffering through finally broke. Thank goodness. It’s not only been hot and gloriously sunny, but it’s also been smoky. British Columbia’s forests are burning and it’s a dangerous and awful situation. A week ago, Cornelius…

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ten long years: blood orange poppy seed loaf

Holy crap. I’ve been doing this food blog thing for 10 years. Happy freaking blog-o-birthday-versary to me! It’s kind of a big deal big milestone so I did the one thing I knew I had to do. Bake a cake. Well, it’s…

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summer lovin’: sour cherry frozen yogurt

I feel a bit sorry that sour cherry season is nearly over in this neck of the woods. East of the Rockies, sour cherry season may already be long gone. I’m sad because sour cherries are my most prized fruit…

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preserving cherries: macerated sour cherries + cherry pit vodka

Sour cherry season has just ended here in BC and those plump, sweet, dark cherries from the Okanagan are almost gone from our local markets. But there is a way to preserve all that cherry goodness. Freezing is a no-brainer…

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