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red hands alert: carrot & beet salad with harissa, currants & mint

Farmer’s markets are in full swing still and last Wednesday I picked up some beets, carrots, garlic and mint. At the time of purchase, I wasn’t envisioning a meal that would use everything I bought, but somehow everything came togetherĀ and…

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moroccan chickpea and vegetable stew

I’d love to say that I’m back in the kitchen, but it’s been a slow process getting things back to normal. Not because I don’t have the will, but because my time is short. There’s been work to catch up…

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oh, couscous: moroccan chickpea and vegetable stew

It’s been one of those weeks where take-out seems to be the only way to go. I’ve resisted the urge to dial for pizza or order in Indian food, yet despite my resolve to cook what we had out of…

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