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the amazing, super duper salad: rainbow vegetable salad with peanut ginger dressing

Ever since we’ve been back from our trip, I’ve been going a bit koo-koo for salads. I think it was because life on the road didn’t include as much vegetable variety as we’re usually used to getting. So it’s salad…

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potato and green bean salad with lemon miso dressing

Our CSA has been very lucky with the green beans lately. Every week, green beans. Really, I’m not complaining because I like green beans. I’ve recently been slicing them uber-thin and adding them raw to vegetable slaws or cutting them…

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dill weed, vinegar & some odds and ends

I always figured that I had pretty smart readers, so when one of them recently commented that the best way to keep fresh dill perky was to keep it in a glass of water in the fridge, I listened. It…

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