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the mac daddy: apple, onion and cheddar pizza

Sundays are often a night we head out with friends to a local brew pub and eat cheap thin crust pizzas, drink delicious pints and play cards. One of the pizzas I like at this pub is called the “Johnny…

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500 grams of spaghetti = two delicious summer pastas

I’ve been doing some serious cooking for about the past week or so. If there is such a thing of kitchen karma, then I consider myself blessed. Everything that has come out of my lil’ 60 sq. ft. kitchen has…

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breakfast pizza

Yesterday morning, I put some pizza dough in a bowl, covered it with cling film and let it go about it’s yeasty business. By nightfall, the dough had risen and was at it’s peak, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, my…

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