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lady who lunches: the best cucumber & cheese sandwich

Let’s face it – summer is winding down. I should be looking forward to fall squash, crisp tart apples, and colourful leaves falling from trees, but I’m NOT READY YET. It still feels like summer here, even though the skies…

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potato and green bean salad with lemon miso dressing

Our CSA has been very lucky with the green beans lately. Every week, green beans. Really, I’m not complaining because I like green beans. I’ve recently been slicing them uber-thin and adding them raw to vegetable slaws or cutting them…

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beets in vinaigrette

It’s just a couple of days until the end of summer. As much as I’d love to cozy up in a cardigan or bundle up under the covers with a cup of tea, I must say that I am loving…

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