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low fat granola with millet

Didn’t I mention something about cake? Cookies? Something toothsome, gooey and sweet? I swear this isn’t turning into a breakfast/vegan blog (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but this is how I’ve been eating lately. It’s spring outside…or at…

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let’s get down tonight with a millet vegetable bowl

I can’t explain just how happy this meal made me. I loved every single bite. I kicked myself that I didn’t make more because while it was filling, I would have loved leftovers to enjoy all over again. And, if…

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millet by a landslide: broccoli, chickpea & millet salad

I love salads that are meals in their own right. And a salad that looks like springtime? Well, even better. Better because while the calendar says spring, the weather outside isn’t co-operating. We have cherry blossoms but unfortunately, this week,…

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