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coronation grape galette

Yup, I made a galette out of grapes. I know, I know, you probably just snack on grapes or maybe scatter them into a chicken or waldorf salad. But making a pie out of my favorite grape ever is a…

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move over pie: raspberry, black currant & nectarine galette

Baking a pie is a pretty wonderous thing. Somehow there’s much more meaning and memories that end up baked into a pie than, let’s say, a cupcake. Not that I’m dissing everyone’s favorite cupcake. It’s just that pies seem to…

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i’m hooked on blackberries: cornmeal pate brisee & blackberry-peach galette

Ahhhh, freshly picked blackberries…what’s not to love? Free, juicy bites of sun-ripened perfection. Sure, the cuts and scrapes can be a real pain, but I can take it. I love scouring my neighbourhood for the best berries and earlier this…

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