Tag: feta

c’mon summer: green bean quinoa salad

After a week of summer weather, it seemed Vancouver didn’t want to cooperate with the season and grey skies, rain and cool weather arrived again. I don’t mean to be pushy, but dammit, let’s get on with summer already! This…

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i confess, i’m a picky eater: mock greek salad

I know, I should be ashamed of myself! But truth be told, I’m just not fond of some foods and I may even get a bit squeamish when push comes to shove. Sure, I’ve overcome many a food-dislike (believe it…

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sunday freshness: crispy waffles + lemonade + refrigerator pickles + tomato sandwich with lemony-feta spread

After we finished dinner this evening, Cornelius turned to me and said, “We ate really well this weekend”. So true. Everything we ate was fresh and didn’t require extensive cooking or baking or heating. Our morning started off right with…

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