Tag: cannelli beans

a respite from the crazy: white bean, yam & kale stew (with sausage)

It’s been a crazy, stressful time over here at ELS HQ. This past weekend I wrapped up a very busy 2-day craft fair (thanks to all of you who stopped by and said hi!) and mailed out a bunch of…

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summer holiday: cannellini bean dip with lemon & rosemary

I’ll be away for most of this week. We’ll be bike touring/camping on the San Juan Islands in Washington State which are pretty much just a Southern continuation of Canada’s Gulf Islands. It seems every 2 years we go on…

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is it spring yet? white bean & kale soup

The weather is playing tricks on me. One moment the sun is shining brightly fooling me into spring and the next it’s dark and rainy. I just don’t get it! The cherry blossoms and daffodils are out despite a crazy…

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