Tag: vodka

preserving cherries: macerated sour cherries + cherry pit vodka

Sour cherry season has just ended here in BC and those plump, sweet, dark cherries from the Okanagan are almost gone from our local markets. But there is a way to preserve all that cherry goodness. Freezing is a no-brainer…

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don’t belive the hype: pasta with 2 sauces

There’s a lot of hoopla regarding pasta with vodka cream sauce. Some say it’s the cure for what ails your pathetic love life, others say it’s gonna get you hitched and the rest think it’s just about the best pasta…

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toast me: the working girl’s lowball

A little while ago, I spent a fews days doing graphic design work in an office. When Friday came around, I was ready for a good, strong drink. I mixed up these babies and it was like pouring heaven into…

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