Tag: sweet potato

mexican-spiced lentils with sweet potatoes

Vancouver has had summer weather since April! That’s pretty much unheard of in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Climate change is real, y’alls. Right now, though, we’re going through a cloudy patch and I’m choosing to welcome it with a flavourful…

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unfussy eats: chickpea veggie bowl with lemon tahini dressing

Please ignore the bad photos because they do not convey the deliciousness contained within! Bowl eating is my kind of food. A bunch of stuff, usually a mix of vegetables and grains, get mixed into a bowl and covered in…

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a bright spot: autumn chickpea & greens stew

September, you are gorgeous and I wish I could be outside right now to enjoy it all. However, despite the filtered sunshine and the turning leaves, I’ve become a whiny little jerk lately. All because earlier this week I woke…

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