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how to eat your vegetables: late summer stewed vegetables

Can I tell you something? It’s stupid and I know it, but sometimes I’m afraid of my vegetable drawer. Well, what’s in it to be exact. Being a member of a farm share is beyond wonderful, but it can be…

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golden hour: late summer vegetable & orzo bake

I love late summer. It’s not deathly hot outside and the air is comfortable and breezy. I love how the sun sits low in the sky and gives everything a golden, rosy glow. Everything seems much more precious because soon autumn…

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the amazing, super duper salad: rainbow vegetable salad with peanut ginger dressing

Ever since we’ve been back from our trip, I’ve been going a bit koo-koo for salads. I think it was because life on the road didn’t include as much vegetable variety as we’re usually used to getting. So it’s salad…

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