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csa farm fresh salad

We haven’t been doing much grocery shopping lately. It’s too hot and we’re not lucky enough to live in a neighbourhood with one of those fancy air-con supermarkets. While there is appeal to standing in front of a popsicle fridge…

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root down: raw beet & carrot salad

There’s a raw vegan cafe in town called Gorilla Foods. I like ’em and I love their Root Down juice which basically contains whatever you want to juice up. My standard juice order contains beets, carrots, lemon, orange, and ginger…

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green and crunky: raw vegetable salad with yogurt-feta dressing

I recently posted that I wasn’t a fan of raw broccoli. A few days later after making that statement, I made a raw broccoli salad. Crunky or not, I went with it and I liked it. I guess that means…

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