Tag: purple cabbage

epic prep: bún vermicelli bowl with tofu

A couple weeks ago, we found ourself in our old neighbourhood and decided to visit the Union, a restaurant that I’ve visited a few times with friends, but never with my husband. We ordered drinks and I ordered their bún…

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don’t adjust your monitor: purple shepherd’s pie

Forget about the fudge, the cake, the cookies. We are well into January now and it seems like a wholesome tasty dinner recipe is needed. If it’s comforting, colourful and nutritious, well, then it kind of is like icing on…

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i will survive: mediteranian tuna, cabbage, potato salad

I swear I’m not going to die of mercury poisoning by posting another tuna recipe in just a few short days…but if yer gonna go, maybe this is the way to do it. I should preface this post by mentioning…

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