Tag: pretzels

party times: sweet, spicy & salty party mix

I love snacks. I remember having a friend in University who hated the word – she’d repeat it over and over until it did sound like the most totally¬†ridiculous¬†word ever. Still, I love snacks and I won’t belittle the concept…

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chunks of temptation: salted caramel almond pretzel popcorn

If you were a reasonable person, you would look away right now and not read any further. There’s a warning here and it’s not to be taken lightly. This super delicious concoction of popcorn, roasted almonds, pretzels, marshmallows and salty…

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snack attack: spicy-sweet glazed pretzels and nuts

I hope everyone had the most delightful of holidays and let’s all ring in the new year with good cheer. Hello, 2007! Now before we all batten down the hatches with resolutions, let’s continue the festive snacks just a bit…

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