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blueberry sorbet with riesling & rosemary

A couple of years ago, I had great luck making a cherry buttermilk sherbet. The only ice cream maker I had at the time was a large and clunky (but beautiful) turquoise vintage hand-crank one. I didn’t pull it out…

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summer licks: iced coffee + strawberry-pineapple popsicles

First off, may I direct you to the mp3 blog, Shake Your Fist, where I was asked by the lovely Amy to write a guest post about music. I LOVE music but haven’t written about it in ages, so it…

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2 easy peasy snacks: popsicles & lemony green beans

Last night we had some friends over. They brought over the 1958 Newport Beach Jazz Festival dvd and the Monterrey Pop Festival dvd. We promised them snacks. Because it’s been so hot, I didn’t really want to do any serious…

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