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friday supper: salmon patties with dandelion greens

When we were growing up, Fridays meant fish to my Catholic parents. And usually, that meant croquettes which my mom used to eat growing up in Quebec. It involved a can of salmon, mashed potatoes and some salt and pepper…

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close to home: macaroni and cheese with broccoli

The weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter….autumn seems just around the corner. And while I do love my autumn nights, this summer has been nothing short of lovely and I’d love it to continue just a…

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summer living at it’s best: fish tacos with garlic-cumin yogurt sauce

The sun has come back and the weather is all nice and warm and it’s just the perfect time to relax in a hammock tied between two shade trees and an icy bottle of beer in hand. Unfortunately for me,…

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