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sunday snacking: citrus cranberry muffins (vegan)

Today is the most beautiful warm and sunny day we’ve had so far this year. Instead of being outside (scrubbing my balcony clean), or riding my bike with some friends, I’m here, indoors (but with my windows fully open), writing…

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cranberry rum shortbread cookies

I know, I know…you probably don’t want to look another cookie in the mouth for at least another little while. Maybe you’ve been spending your mornings gobbling crispy candy cane bark and stuffing your cheeks with spicy-sweet pretzels & nuts…

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worth the wait: welsh cakes

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your well-wishes during my time of extreme craft craziness. To those who I met at the various fairs and shows, thank you so much for coming out and saying…

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