Tag: orange juice

sunday snacking: citrus cranberry muffins (vegan)

Today is the most beautiful warm and sunny day we’ve had so far this year. Instead of being outside (scrubbing my balcony clean), or riding my bike with some friends, I’m here, indoors (but with my windows fully open), writing…

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for maman: date & raisin squares

When I was little, my mom had her standard dessert recipes. She made a really fantastic chocolate chip cake (always in a pretty bunt pan) for birthdays and every summer to make use of the pear bounty from our 2…

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sicko: pretty in pink smoothie

There was a time when I got sick constantly. It probably didn’t help matters that I lived with a roommate who had a disease that left her immune system weak and was always having colds & sniffles or that we…

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