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curried apple & lentil dal

Yesterday the weather took a little turn towards autumn. Figures, since I’m just about over my cold. At least the foggy mornings and cooler temperatures make it so much easier to think about stews and soups and warm bowls of…

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happy new year: pasta with sausage, kale and lentils

In some cultures, it’s traditional to eat lentils on New Years day for good luck, but I decided to get my lentil luck on a little early early and end 2007 off right. I found this recipe on epicurious but…

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35 days in europe and all i got is a bowl full of lentils: apple, red onion and lentil salad

It’s pretty difficult to recap such a tremendous vacation…a very incredible, exciting and best-vacation-ever kind of vacation (35 days worth of photos have been uploaded onto flickr, in case you are interested) into some kind of meaningful post. I’m afraid…

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