Tag: green peas

split pea & millet salad with lemon vinaigrette

I don’t post every meal I make on this blog. Let’s face it, sometimes what I make turns out like crap. Usually, I’m pretty good with the cooking and the baking, but sometimes things go wrong and the end is…

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don’t belive the hype: pasta with 2 sauces

There’s a lot of hoopla regarding pasta with vodka cream sauce. Some say it’s the cure for what ails your pathetic love life, others say it’s gonna get you hitched and the rest think it’s just about the best pasta…

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pee poop: easy green pea soup

Cornelius isn’t a soup-lover. Matzo ball, yes. Asian soups, yes. Most other soups, a definite no. My New Year’s resolution this year is to make more soups and let the husband fend for himself. I used to make soups constantly,…

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