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on january: green apple and celery salad with walnuts and mustard vinaigrette

Vancouver is covered in fog which is my favourite part about winter in this neck of the woods. Everything is quiet and beautiful with just a hint of a Scooby Doo mystery in the dark. The downtown towers disappear and…

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knife skills: winter rutabaga slaw

When autumn rolls around, I eat a lot of apples. I will slice up an apple into quarters and start snacking. Granny Smith and Pink Ladies are the 2 varieties I’m loving right now. They’re tart and crisp and full…

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team cabbage: braised cabbage with apples & cumin seeds

Ah spring, you are a fickle one. It’s back to rain here in Vancouver (well, for the moment at least) and while I look at my cute sandals and summer skirts longingly, I’m doing what feels right. So what if…

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