Tag: butterscotch

in the eye of the beholder: butterscotch confetti squares

Warning: you are either going to love these or hate these. I mean, just look at that tin of fluffy pastel confectionary! It’s definitely a bit frightening but beautiful, in that retro kitchy way. I wish I could tell you…

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butterscotch cashew bars

I like to think that I’m relatively level-headed when it comes to sweets. Sure, I love baking but I don’t really go overboard with recipes that use a ton of butter or cream. Or butterscotch chips. But I happened to…

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salted butterscotch oatmeal cookies

Last week my good old friend left Vancouver and headed back to the South. The night before she left, I decided to make some cookies for her to take back on the plane. If she had to leave the sunny…

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