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a dinnertime comfort: smoked tofu & vegetable pot pie

January is a weird month for me. It starts off well – I’m inspired, positivity is seeping from my pores, I’m attacking new projects, I’m getting shit done. Then I stumble, I wipe myself off and am back at it,…

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warm lentil & butternut squash salad with tahini dressing

Normally when autumn arrives, it arrives with a shove. There’s rain every day and grey skies day in and day out. However, this fall, we Vancouverites seem blessed. It’s sunny, there’s a nip to the air that I find refreshing,…

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curious orange: butternut squash & apple soup

This soup is still simmering away on the stove, so I have no idea how exactly it will taste, but if I can go by smell alone, “Damn! This is fine soup!”

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