Tag: brunch

tasting memories: maple walnut buckwheat scones

I’ve always felt a bit of a bias against buckwheat. Buckwheat was cute, but I was head over heals in love with Alfalfa. Then one day my dad brought home some fresh honey comb from the farmer’s market and I…

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warm your weekend: speculaas muffins

There’s something special about speculaas – the cookie I always referred to as “windmill” cookies growing up because of the dutch windmill stamped on every one. They were spicy and crunchy and foreign, which seemed quite appealing to my small…

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the flakiest biscuit: biscuits supreme

I love making biscuits and the quest for a really light and flakey biscuit is like looking for the holy grail. It can be hard thing to achieve. But I recently spotted a biscuit recipe which was adapted from an…

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