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apple cinnamon biscuits

Wake up to these babies. They are light, fluffy and perfect – and chock full of apples and spice. They taste like autumn, especially when eaten with an apple-cranberry-rosemary sauce. Or apple butter. Or smeared with cherry jam. Even plain,…

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dill, red onion & cheese drop biscuits

There are a few dishes that I make over and over again. The ones requiring a recipe are taped to the side of my fridge. The list includes bannock, Molly’s scones, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and now there’s this biscuit.…

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i have reached biscuit nirvana: feather-light drop biscuits

I’m back from my bike travels and it was a good trip. No disasters, no road rash, just calm country island roads. There wasn’t as much bike-riding as in our past rides, but it was leisurely and it was nice…

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