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life is better with cake & beer: red ale & chocolate cake

When I first spotted Nigella’s recipe for Guinness cake I was excited. Surely this would be the cake to rival all cakes. But I kept putting it aside since I’m an IPA drinker and my husband will drink whatever is…

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i had a beer and now i have bread! beer bread

You may have read that I’m a bit antsy about yeast. I don’t know where the fear comes from since my mom used yeast to make breads and cinnamon buns and even pancakes with amazing results! It’s a totally unfounded…

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leave your fancy pants in the closet: paprika chicken & vegetable stew

One of my best friends is taking 6 months out of her Vancouver life to ride her bike to Mexico with her boyfriend. They are still enroute, but after weeks of cycling in the rain and wind and cold, they…

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