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yam & bean orange-scented chili

It seems a bit foolish to whip up a big bowful of chili when spring is here. And that’s the wonderful thing about Vancouver – buds and blossoms begin to show their colours in February and by March and into…

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easy breezy: 3 super quick n’ affordable pasta recipes

Today I give you three recipes. They’re quick, they’re easy and they are definitely affordable. All of ’em taste good too. These aren’t fancy and they don’t make the prettiest of photos (thank you Poladroid!), but they’re hearty and warming…

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warm up a little: chicken & bean chili

It’s dark and gloomy and the weather is always threatening rain, but this simple meal really hits the spot. This recipe originally comes from Martha Stewart’s little magazine, Everday Food. I’ve made it several times and have played with the…

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