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last minute baking: holiday jewel bars

I’ve never encountered a jewel bar until I spent my first Christmas with Cornelius’ parents. A jewel bar seems innocent enough: a shortbread bottom topped with chocolate chips, salted mixed nuts….until you get to those blasted glacĂ© cherries. You see,…

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cranberry rum shortbread cookies

I know, I know…you probably don’t want to look another cookie in the mouth for at least another little while. Maybe you’ve been spending your mornings gobbling crispy candy cane bark and stuffing your cheeks with spicy-sweet pretzels & nuts…

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lemon cornmeal shortbread cookies

I know, I know…another cookie recipe. Really, if that’s the worst thing in the world then I’m happy I’m living in a cookie-filled world. However, this cookie is a bit different from most cookies that I make. For one, it’s…

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a plain jane: buttery raisin biscuits

I’ve been swamped with work so it’s been nothing but crickets around here from my end. I haven’t had much to write about really, as all the cooking that I’ve been doing has involved just emptying out all the bits…

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jingle bells and chocolate shortbread cookies

I think I’m all ready for Christmas. Phew! The only thing I have left to do is our dessert for tomorrow’s family dinner and making tonight’s cozy supper for two. Every Christmas Eve, Cornelius and I relax, drink boozy cocktails,…

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